Which batteries-Solar Power- What Type Of Batteries To Use For Solar

Which batteries-Solar Power

Which batteries-Solar Power

It is relative early days when it comes to fitting the correct batteries.Hence, in your solar battery bank. I have decided to upload as many useful battery videos as possible. of course, different batteries are recommended for this purpose storing ( solar power).

Battery banks are very often used by consumers. Therefore, who live in the wilderness and are off grid. This means that there is no mains grid electric supply. Recent times have enabled consumers to rig up the own electric supply.Fo course, by using solar panels or windturbines.

The electricity produced can be stored in a battery bank during the day.Naturally,  and released to be used at night. Of course, to power, say your TV or radio. This video shows the consumer 4 different types of batteries and which should be used.

In this video, I explain what type of batteries you should be using for your solar panel system. I will go over 4 different types of batteries: sealed lead acid (car batteries), flooded lead acid, lithium ion, and deep cycle.

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Leisure battery or Deep cycle battery?

Leisure battery or Deep cycle battery Leisure battery?

This has always been a popular question from people who love to use a motor home, or as they say in the USA recreational vehicle (RV).

Unfortunately there is not an easy answer, and in most cases it depends on what you can afford to pay, the old adage of “you pay for what you get” comes into this a little. In my opinion the best type of leisure battery for your motor home would be an AGM deep cycle battery. These batteries are specifically developed for the recreational industry and one of the best products in the world is the batteries that are made by Trojan batteries in

leiswure battery

The varta 75 amp AGM leisure battery

the USA.

The Varta AGM Leisure battery

Another great AGM battery in my opinion is the Varta range of Leisure batteries. Varta are also made by One of the world’s leading leisure battery makers, Johnson Controls, with factories in Europe, North America and South America. Varta are of similar quality to Trojan, but they are made is smaller, shorter sizes that suite the European motor market better than the taller, larger Trojan batteries, that are more suitable for the larger North American RV vehicles, that we are all familiar with on many  American TV shows.

The Varta leisure batteries are also deep cycle and are the ones recommended on many caravan and motor home forums. Varta are very confident about the quality of their product and give a four or five year guarantee, depending on which battery that you buy, but I have heard of these batteries lasting as long as ten to fifteen years.

Like any quality item the down side of this battery is the price, they range from the LFF75 at£68.90 up to the massive LFD 230 at £215.90, but you must remember that these batteries are an investment, especially if you are considering a long journey or holiday and you need reliability and a battery that you can trust not to let you down.

This type of battery is also the most suitable choice for the advanced motor home user you is equipped with solar power facilities. The Trojan and Varta batteries will give a much larger deep cycle through dis-charging to charging, you will find the extra cost is worth it for the extra security of your battery not letting you down.

leisure battery

Trojan batteries for the larger RV.

Ever since the year of 1925, Trojan Batteries have striven to make the world’s most reliable, long lasting, deep cycle batteries. They have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the keenest of the road traveler in their motor homes and caravans. Trojan batteries offer the widest range of recreational vehicle batteries to meet your  demanding needs. They Range from the Deep-Cycle Flooded Series to the  Maintenance-free AGM and Gel Batteries and believe me when I say that along with Varta batteries there’s no better power solution than the quality of Trojan. Wherever the journey may take you, Trojan Batteries will be along for the ride to power your motor home adventures.

The vice president of Trojan batteries, Mr Dave Godber said recently that… “Trojan’s Reliant AGM is specifically engineered for deep-cycling applications, unlike most AGM batteries on the market today which are designed for dual-purpose or standby applications, such as UPS backup, Trojan has focused on deep-cycle technology longer than any other battery manufacturer in the industry and has utilized our extensive expertise and knowledge in developing the industry’s most reliable deep-cycle AGM battery.”

Another option for the motor home fraternity is the development of the wet lead acid battery that has been adapted from the car battery. These have been introduced as “leisure batteries” and are sold under the trade names of “Numax and Lucas”. These batteries are NOT AGM or deep cycle batteries, but have been targeted at the growing leisure battery market and in my opinion have been marketed very successfully. The batteries are not fully sealed, because they are filled with free lead acid and require a pressure release valve in case of overheating, but if they happen too fall over then the acid will start to leak out over a period of time.

The plates in these batteries are made of thicker material as so to store more charge, unlike the car battery which requires a thinner larger plate that is impregnated with small holes, to give the battery muck more cold cranking amps to enable the car to start, a car requires much power upfront to start the car’s engine, whereas leisure battery needs to store more power, hence the thicker plates.

As I have said these batteries are usually much cheaper than the AGM batteries, but are of good value to the guy who uses his motor home or caravan for shorter journeys and say weekend pleasure. The Numax brand is very popular and comes in relevant sizes, but the most popular ones now are the LXV26MF and the XV31MF (110 amp). These batteries come with a three year warranty and are a very popular choice, both for quality and cost, although if you can afford it then the AGM deep cycle leisure battery is the best buy.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.


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Start-Stop Varta batteries-Johnson Controls and their Varta batteries division in New Venture.

A sort of double announcement has come out of the Johnson Controls battery empire in recent month, both to do with new but different technologies.

Start-Stop Varta batteries

are of course the owners of Varta batteries and they consider the make as one of their superior battery products. The giant Start-Stop Varta batteries makers also make many other battery products with well-known makes, but they consider that the Varta trade name is only to be used for its most upmarket products and this is why Varta was chosen to represent Johnsons for their new range of start-stop battery products.

Varta’s existing ‘Dynamic trio’ offering (Black, Blue and Silver), has been complemented by batteries containing AGM and EFB technologies:

The new battery cones in two types of technology, the first one is the Silver Dynamic Start-Stop Varta batteries, which is an AGM battery (absorbed Glass matting). The new battery is said to give as much as three times the power as its conventional counterpart and is manufactured in Germany to very high standards. This Start-Stop Varta batteries is now used on vehicles with start-stop and regenerative brake systems fitted.

Start-Stop Varta batteries

A Varta Silver Start-Stop Varta batteries about to be fitted

The other new type of battery is known as the 063 Varta batteries which will come into the “Varta Blue” range of batteries. This battery is of the lead acid technology, but with a modified battery interior and structure and is said to be twice the strength of its normal lead acid counterpart. This battery is known as the EFB, “Enhanced Flooded Battery” and as I have said the internal structure of the standard lead acid battery has been improved on. This battery is used on the standard start-stop vehicles such as the Fiat 500 models.

Both these batteries cannot be interchanged but the EFB can be upgraded by the AGM battery. Also a special electrical device will be needed to change the AGM batteries because the battery is linked into the cars computer system and the computer will require resetting when a new Start-Stop Varta batteries is fitted. A system of specialist centres has been set up around the UK, which is available on the internet.

Johnson Controls also venture into the Lithium-Ion market

Johnson Controls began production of lithium-ion batteries in France in 2008 with its

Start-Stop Varta batteries

Lithium-Ion battery pack by Johnson Controls

then-joint venture partner, the French battery maker Saft. This was later moved to a brand new research centre and manufacturing facility in Glendale Michigan aided by a near $300 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The Michigan factory is now producing the batteries that will go onto the new Range Rover Sport that should go on sale in 2015. Lisa Bahash, vice president and general manager of the original equipment group for Johnson Controls Power Solutions said, “As the first company in the world to produce lithium-ion batteries for mass production hybrid vehicles, we are excited to work with Jaguar Land Rover” The Hybrid Range Rover vehicles, capable of achieving 42-45 mpg, are being made by Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull, Birmingham England’s second largest city after London. .

As I have stated earlier in this article, other technologies, including start-stop battery systems that enable a vehicle’s engine to shut off when the car is idling. This brings Johnson Controls to the forefront of almost every new battery technology in the automotive trade.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.


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Odyssey Batteries-800 Cca-Two year warranty-12 month shelf life

odyssey batteries

odyssey batteries

Odyssey Batteries n.


There is no doubt in my mind that odyssey batteries are one of the best and most powerful batteries on the market. They are AGM  sealed batteries and are deep cycle. This means that they can be discharged and charged at a much higher and lower level than a normal free flow lead acid battery.


Odyssey Batteries can do two major Tasks

One of the many attributes that we can expect from Odyssey Batteriesdyssey batteries is that it is

like two batteries built into one? It will deliver massive cranking power for starting whilst at the same time provides the owner with a deep cycle capability.

These batteries are totally sealed and contain no liquid acid, they are safe and strong and are a better battery option than a gel type battery. When you invest in  Odyssey batteries you can expect a life span of up to 12 years, these batteries will outlast a standard type lead acid battery by at least 8 times.

Although the battery is an AGM battery, they can also deliver up to three times the cranking power as a normal battery making them ideal for a large engine to turn over even in freezing weather conditions.

Odyssey Batteries are a true maintenance free product.

Because of the small amount of acid that these batteries hold, they are effectively classified as a dry battery. They do not leak and can be fitted in any position, ideal for the interior of say a rally car where they may be a possibility of the car over turning. If this happened then there would be no acid spillage to worry about.

Because of their construction the Odyssey batteries have a long shelf life, ideal for the cars that only show there nose in summer such as classic cars, they really can be charged up and remain in that state for up to two years. With the normal lead acid battery you would only be looking at re-charging every 6-12 weeks. These batteries have also been tested at fantastic temperature ranges of between -40 (minus 40) right up to 70 degrees plus.

Another major characteristic of the AGM battery is that you can run the battery right down into a deep state of discharge and the Odyssey battery will recover to a reusable state of charge in about an hour after charging, they are extremely adaptable and versatile batteries.

Whatever you want to use this battery for it will not let you down, you can use them for marine batteries with a twin post layout and leisure batteries, as well as for plant and machinery, trucks can use them anything that either requires a large cranking power to high storage this battery will do both with ease. They are used in many types of motor sporting events, because you can fit these batteries anywhere on the vehicle and they will not spill acid and do any type of damage to the car. The downside of these batteries I suppose is the price but you have to remember that you are buying the Rolls-Royce of batteries.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.


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 Optima Yellow Top Battery are a first class choice for your car,boat,caravan,motor home and many other applications.

Why should you choose an Optima Yellow Top Battery?

Optima batteries are of course a part of the giant Johnson Controls Empire. There is no doubt in my mind that these batteries are a top class, heavy duty product. The batteries come in three different top colours, blue, red, and yellow.

Optima Yellow Top Battery

A new optima red top just fitted in Halifax UK

The red and the yellow tops are very similar types of batteries. The red battery is a starter battery and this is its primary mission. This battery has slightly more CCA (800 cold cranking amps) than the yellow top battery and will crank your engine over time and time again that is the batteries main job.

All the Optima Yellow Top Battery are AGM batteries and are completely sealed. That is one of the reasons that these batteries are used on all types of racing cars and are fitted to the interiors of many normal road cars; because they are sealed then they do not spill and can be used in the cabs of cars without any fear of acid spills should the car be involved in any accidents either on the road or on the racetrack.

The Optima Yellow Top Battery technology is also different to a normal lead acid battery, because of the shape of the batteries plates. The normal type battery has rectangular shapes lead plates but the Optima batteries use what they call “spiral” plates that make up each cell. They are made of individually wound  cells that are made up of two pure lead plates, that have been coated with an exact amount of lead oxide, one plate is the positive plate and the other is a

Optima Yellow Top Battery

Optima Yellow Top Battery ready to go.

negative plate.

The two plates are then separated with a very thin layer of glass fibre, (this is the glass matting part of an AGM battery). In the case of Optima this fibreglass is of a very fine texture. This fibre glass is what absorbs the electrolyte and also keeps the plates apart.

The parts are then coiled up, by a special piece of machinery which forms a complete spiral-cell; describe the finished cell as looking like a “jam roll” or an “arctic roll” perhaps. These calls are then placed into the special shaped casing that has to be a perfect fit. The casing can only be made from brand new polypropylene, because there may be some impurities in recycle materials.

Each battery is made up of 6 spiral-cells each with a value of 2.1 volts for a starter battery and 2.2 volts for a deep cycle battery.

The Optima yellow Top battery has everything you may need in a car battery and more

This Optima Yellow Top Battery is a true high performance battery and will cater for as much power as you may need for your car electrics. The yellow top can also be used for starting fork lift trucks and indeed tractors, such is the power that is produced by this product.

It is excellent for use with cars that are fitted out with many electronic gadgets, such as  large stereo systems and in car DVD systems, The systems can be used without the car engine being switched on, because these batteries are very deep cycle they can totally discharge and recover when the car re-starts the engine and the alternator comes back into play.

Driver of 4×4 vehicle that carry winches on-board also find that the Optima Yellow Top Battery will provide enough power to do the winching and then recover with charging. As I have said earlier this Optima Yellow Top Battery also functions very well as a forklift battery, tractor battery, or on many other applications.

The Optima Yellow Top Battery will on average work 3 times longer than a standard lead acid battery and because the cells are so tightly packed into the casing the battery will stand up to 15 more times the vibration of the said normal lead acid battery.

These batteries are totally sealed and maintenance free and can be fitted in any position on the vehicle. These batteries will give you the best starting power available. All in al the Optima product is top class, but the drawback is the price, they are at least double the price of other products, but price is not always everything.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb.co.uk where you can buy battery products online.



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VARTA Start-Stop Batteries-offer a Top Quality Product for the Sensible Driver



VARTA Start-Stop Batteries are heavily involved in the start-stop car battery revolution in the drive to control vehicle emissions.

Varta Batteries For the driver who looks for quality.

The Blue Dynamic batteries who along with all the VARTA Start-Stop Batteries ranges have long been a favourite with the driver who wants the best performing product for his car. The driver who knows about quality, will always be one of VARTA Start-Stop Batteries satisfied customers.

VARTA Start-Stop Batteries

A mechanic fitting a new VARTA Start-Stop Batteries

It comes to no surprise to me that as the VARTA Start-Stop Batteries, for the Halifax district of Yorkshire, here in the UK that the drivers of certain cars will go for a battery, not bothering about cost of the product, not all car owners want Cheap Car Batteries, but prefer to look for quality and reliability over price.

Varta vehicle products are of course owned by the largest battery producer in the world, Johnson Controls. They are the main front line battery development for the latest Start-Stop technology that is sweeping the car making market at the moment.

The idea of the VARTA Start-Stop Batteries system is so that the car does not use fuel when the engine is idling, say at traffic lights or at a busy road junction, when it may take you a few minutes before you can pull out. It has been proved that when you add up all the small amounts of time that your car’s engine runs for while standing still ready to go, then t accumulates to hours at the end of year. This means that you will save much money on fuel that was not used on a journey but merely used when your car was at a standstill.

Multiply this this saving by the number of cars using this system and you would be saving millions on fuel and also using less fuel saving on the economy and the pollutants that these cars eject into the atmosphere.

Most Varta Start-Stop batteries are AGM (absorbed glass matting)

The AGM battery is a sealed battery and therefor can be fitted in any position, even on its side or upside down, as long as the terminals are not touching anything? This battery is also a deep cycle battery and can take much more charge and discharge than a standard lead acid car battery. This has to be the case because they have to be heavy duty to cope with the number of times the car with the new technology has to start and stop.

Similar battery technology to the Varta Golf and Solar power products

This AGM technology is not new. It was first introduced for use in the mini electric vehicle market, such as golf cart and mobility scooter vehicles. These VARTA Start-Stop Batteries deep cycle were able to give this type of vehicle longer usage with a single charge and has revolutionized the golf and mobility market, giving a new lease of life, to the older golfer and people with disabilities, who can now travel and are not housebound.

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VARTA E-Bike batteries-Jumps On Electric Bicycle Wave – EV World

VARTA E-Bike batteries

a commuter riding his electric e-bike on his way to the office.

VARTA E-Bike batteriesEric Lind sits down with EV World’s Bill Moore and talks batteries and e-bikes at the 2014 Interbike show in Las Vegas, as well as the German company’s collaboration with Swedish electric motor maker Höganäs to create an…

Source: evworld.com

Just one of the many battery businesses that Johnson Controls are getting involved in.

Varta have now gone into the electric bike battery pack business

This development comes from the Bike makes Cell-Pac under the brand name of Engion. The electric VARTA E-Bike batteries works through a simple principal of a sort of reverse dynamo. We all know that a dynamo works by an electric charge provides the battery packs that aid the riders of the light electric vehicles and the electric bikes that are now becoming very popular.

The bikes look like normal pedal cycles but have a small VARTA E-Bike batteries driven engine type device that drives the rear wheel, when the rider asks for assistance.

The electric VARTA E-Bike batteries works through a simple principal of a sort of reverse dynamo. We all know that a dynamo works by an electric charge that is created when you peddle your bike. When you turn the pedals by pumping your legs up and down, you make the wheels turn around. This produces a current of electricity that is produced from a small dynamo that is fitted to your rear wheel. This electricity is then used to power your bikes lights, simple?

The VARTA E-Bike batteries uses a similar system but in reverse. AVarta battery provides the bike with electricity, by means of a steady current; this turns a small drive motor similar to a dynamo in reverse, which rotates the wheel when required. You can pedal and be helped by the electric drive. The first one that I ever saw, was a guy going up an incline without pedaling his bike at all and at first I thought that I was seen things, it looked completely effortless, until I realized that he was riding an electric bike.VARTA E-Bike batteries

Varta batteries join the e-bike revolution

The Lithium-Ion power packs that are now going to be used for the e-bikes will be constructed to be smaller and lighter than other types of batteries that are used on today’s e- bikes. Varta who are of course owned by Johnson controls are very confident about the power and charging capabilities of the Li-On battery power packs, which have been proven and tested on many other applications and will produce much power to aid the bike riders when they are going up hills. I inquired about the e-bikes at my local bike shop and he said that they had sold hundreds of them over the past two years. I must have been going around with my head in the sand, as i have only sen one riding about in our small town. I am though considering buying one, i like the idea of them aiding me when going up hills.

VARTA E-Bike batteries

 VARTA E-Bike batteries now used on the e-bikes


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.



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Varta Battery News

11332-Varta News March 08

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Varta car Battery Types- Different Types of Varta Car batteries available in the UK

 Varta car Battery Types

Varta batteries are probably one of the world’s best battery products. They are made by Johnson controls and run by the side of the well-known Bosch battery product. The product range is second to none and is basically split into three product quality ranges of Varta car Battery Types for the fitment on cars.

  • The Varta Black Dynamic car battery

 Black car battery

This battery is at the bottom of the price range, but still competes for quality with all the other leading battery manufacturers. This battery is a good choice for all types of cars with conventional power requirements. This Varta car Battery Types range of batteries comes in a maintenance free format for extra safety; there is no leaking of battery acid. This battery is engineered to the highest European standards and will deliver a reliable amount of cold cranking power, when required.

  • The Varta Blue Dynamic car battery

This battery is in the middle of the range of car batteries. This battery is a more powerful


 Blue car battery

performer than the black range, offering the most power for the car with conventional start-stop operations for many times on a single journey. Ideal as the busy reps car battery, as it is the choice of drivers requiring extra power and a constant performance, especially in winter time, when all the cars electrics are in full flow, a good Varta car Battery Types choice for the busy business man when doing lots of traveling.

  • The Varta Silver car battery

This battery is no doubt the top of the range; it will deliver top power when it is required. The battery boasts AGM technology in its most advanced form. This battery is used in the most powerful situations, the start-stop technology that has recently been developed, is now coming out on many car models to help reduce carbon emissions. This Varta car Battery Types will give you three times the amount of cycles as a conventional car battery and is suitable for cars with the start-stop technology and also fitted with regenerative braking systems.


The excellent  Silver AGM car battery

Jonson controls have put in a lot of thought and research and development into this excellent product range, giving the driver a choice of car batteries that will suit his car application. We are very excited to become one of the choices to be a dealer in the Yorkshire area, and will have the special equipment that will be required to change the Varta car Battery Types start-stop batteries that are fitted to some models of car.

It is important to note that we will have the software to be able to check the exact models of car that have to have a battery fitted by a selected car battery specialist, and also have the equipment to link to the HQ  to give the correct codes to be able to change the battery correctly, without affecting the cars computer system.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.


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Varta batteries Top Quality- Varta are owned by Johnson Controls a world leading battery maker

Auto battery producer, Varta batteries Top Quality

May be working using the BMW team from Cowley to build up a beginner battery which will meet the actual unusual set up and functional demands of this type of small vehicle. A specific challenge may be the higher operating temps generated within the ultra small engine these types of. Varta batteries Top Quality sophisticated calcium metallic battery technology has established enough space underneath the bonnet for any 55 a/h electric battery powerful enough to supply reliable performance for that new Mini’s advanced electronic techniques.

Varta batteries Top Quality

a selection of Varta batteries Top Quality on sale

When it involves keeping your own car on the highway, its essential that you have a great supplier associated with components all the time this consists of tyres as well as Varta batteries Top Quality; in the end stockists that sell unacceptable components tend to be hardly prone to keep your vehicle in great working purchase! The main a part of your vehicle is obviously the motor. This will need a great power unit to ensure that it to work, and the actual battery needs to start your own engine. Indeed, your engine requires a sound electric battery, not simply to start upon freezing frozen mornings, but to provide all the current day electrics, for example on panel computers, electrical windows, electrical doors, and much more items that include modern engines.

Many electric battery companies keep a great selection associated with varta batteries within stock

. most stockists possess a good selection of low price car batteries to suit all kinds of budgets. If price is really a major thing to consider, you could select a discount battery which will suit your own pocket, or you could attempt one of the numerous suppliers working online.

To keep the car operating smoothly it is necessary that you retain your Varta batteries Top Quality in top quality condition, this is actually where the majority of specially chosen battery services and products come in, however the actual advent associated with maintenance free  batteries offers eliminated the requirement to check the actual battery levels and many batteries could be left on it’s own.

The Varta batteries Top Quality companies market their very own brand names so that as stated before don’t manufacture the actual batteries.
This really is not an issue because the actual battery businesses offer numerous guarantees, they’re usually very proficient at honoring their own warranties, its like the majority of things that you simply buy you will find good businesses and poor companies.

Most of us have experienced issues with products that people have bought especially within the auto industry, batteries tend to be no exclusion. In the opinion there are some general rules for any motorists to follow along with.
There are various kinds of companies that you could buy the Varta batteries Top Quality through. The aged way was to go to you nearby garage, this for me can nevertheless apply, most garages may still possess a stock keeping of electric batteries, but nowadays they generally order immediate from car factors, such as you could discover in the majority of towns.

Many garages check the battery with your permission and recommend an  upgraded battery however in our go through the client generally ignores your own advice and can not not have access to a Varta batteries Top Quality fitted, until these people get disappointed later on, especially whenever money is actually tight.

Another method of purchasing your own Varta batteries

will be from a good accessory store, or a car centre. These companies usually carry a bigger stock and can fit the actual battery for you personally but you will likely have to pay for a greater price.

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